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Exploring the Shadows: Discovering an Abandoned Island Oasis

Welcome to the serene yet intriguing world of abandoned paradises, where the whispers of history blend with the laughter of today. I’m an ardent explorer of forgotten locales, and sharing these unique adventures brings out the nuances that regular travelogues might miss. In this piece, I’ll take you through a captivating journey to an abandoned island in the Philippines, an exploration captured brilliantly in the vlog titled ABANDONED & HAUNTED PARADISE! (YOU NEED TO WATCH THIS!)”. As someone who cherishes both the thrill of discovery and the poignant moments of solitude these places offer, I found this video not just entertaining but also enlightening, making it a must-share on my platform.

Creator Bio:

The mind behind this engaging vlog is a seasoned traveler with a knack for uncovering the world’s hidden gems. The channel focuses on travel and cultural experiences, often bringing to light the less traveled paths and the stories they hold. Engaging with locals and the environment responsibly, the creator brings a respectful and insightful view to tourism. Dive deeper into their adventures by visiting their YouTube channel and following them on Instagram.

Three Key Takeaways from the Video:

  1. Local Insight During Sensitive Times: The decision to explore an abandoned island during election time in the Philippines reflects a thoughtful approach to avoiding the tumultuous atmosphere of urban centers, providing a glimpse into the socio-political climate of the region.
  2. Balancing Digital Capture with Presence: The host’s reflection on the modern dilemma of living in the moment versus capturing it digitally is a poignant reminder of the dual-edged sword of today’s connected world.
  3. Community and Cultural Engagement: Despite the abandoned setting, the interactions with locals and the wildlife (notably the goats) add a layer of warmth and reality to the adventure, showcasing the life that persists in deserted places.

Step-by-Step Exploration Process:

  1. Preparation and Travel: The journey begins with selecting a quiet island away from the urban hustle, especially important during politically sensitive periods like elections.
  2. Engaging with the Environment: Using a scooter and a drone, the explorers weave through the island, capturing its beauty from different perspectives while respecting the natural habitat.
  3. Interactions and Anecdotes: Casual meals and conversations with locals offer insights into the social dynamics, adding depth to the physical exploration.
  4. Continual Exploration: The video concludes with plans for further adventures, suggesting a continuous quest for discovery.

Resources Mentioned:

  • Drone for Aerial Shots: Used to film breathtaking views of the mangroves, providing a unique perspective on the island’s geography.
  • Camera Gear: Essential for capturing both the vast landscapes and the intricate details of local life and interactions.
  • Local Guides and Knowledge: While not explicitly mentioned as a resource, the interactions imply a reliance on local knowledge for navigation and deeper insights.

My Best Advice:

As an experienced traveler, I always advise packing light but packing smart—bring equipment that enhances your travel without burdening it. Always engage with local cultures respectfully and be open to learning from every interaction. Most importantly, balance your time between experiencing and documenting—both are valuable but in different ways.


Q1: Is it safe to visit abandoned places? A1: Yes, with proper research and precautions. Always check local regulations and possibly travel with a guide.

Q2: What should I bring to a similar adventure? A2: Besides basic travel necessities, bring a good camera, versatile clothing for changing weather, and a respectful curiosity.

Q3: How do I interact responsibly with wildlife? A3: Keep a safe distance, do not feed wild animals, and avoid disrupting their natural behaviors.

Q4: Can I fly a drone anywhere? A4: No, check local drone laws as many areas have restrictions or require permits.

Q5: What’s the best way to document travel experiences? A5: Balance your time between using cameras or phones and simply enjoying the moment. Try to capture feelings, not just images.

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